Function of Blood,know by this Article

Function of Blood,know by this Article short note

Function of Blood:Blood has the many Function show now before talk  I want tell that Blood is Fluid Connective tissue which transports Substances form one part to an other part .

It is Provides nutrients and hormones to the tissue and Removes their waste products.Some of the important physical Characteristics of blood are :

  • Colour of the blood  is opaque red due to the pigment hemoglobin in the red blood cells (RBCs). The arterial blood is bright red and venous blood is dark red in colour.
  • Volume of blood in an average adult about 5-6 (8% of the body weight or 80 ml/kg body weight)
  • Viscosity of blood is five times more than that of water.
  • Specific gravity of blood is 1.050-1.060.Specific gravity of RBC is greater (1.090) than that of plasma (1.030).
  • ph of blood is about 7.4 (Ranges from 7.38 to 7.42) .ie. it is a alkaline in Nature.In acidosis,ph is more than 7.42.

Blood is composed of two main components,Plasma and cellular element. Plasma constitutes about 55 % of the blood Volume. It is a Clear straw coloured fluid portion of blood .Plasma Proteins , an important constituent of plasma ,from about 7 % of its volume.Cellular element of blood are about 45 % of the total blood volume and constitute the so called packed call volume .Blood cells are :

  • Erythrocytes or RBCs (5 million μL)
  • Leucocytes or white blood cells (4000 -11000 /μL)
  • Platelets or thrombocytes (1.5-4 lac/μL)

Now know Function of Blood and details 

  • Nutritive Function : Blood carried the nutritive substances like glucose,amino acid,fatty acids ,Vitamins,electrolytes and other from the gut to the tissues where they are utilized.
  • Respiratory Function :Blood pickup Oxygen from the lungs and delivers it to the various tissues. Most important function of blood is the uninterrupted delivery of Oxygen to the heart and the brain.It also carries away Carbon die Oxide form tissues to the lung from where it is expelled out in the expired air.
  • Excretory Function: Blood transports various metabolic waste products ,such as urea,uric acid and creatinine to excretory organs (Kidney,Skin,Intestine and lungs ) for their disposal.
  • Transport Function:The various hormones produced by the endocrine glands.the biological enzymes and antibodies are transported by the blood to the target to modulate metabolic process.
  • Protection Function: Blood plays an important role in the defence mechanism of the body:
  1. Neutrophils and monocytes enguls the microorganism entering the body by phagocytosis
  2.  Lymphocytes and Globulins initiate immune response .
  3.  Eosinophils accomplish detoxification ,disintegration and removal of foreign proteins .
Function of Blood
Function of Blood
  • Homeostatic Function: Blood plays an important role in maintaining the internal environment of the body
  1. The water content of blood is freely interchangeable with the interstitial fluid and help in maintaining the water and electrolyte balance of the body.
  2. Plasma Proteins and hemoglobin act as buffer and help in maintaining the acid -base balance and ph of the body fluids.
  •  Maintenance of Body Temperature : Blood plays important role in regulation of the body temperature ,as described .
  1. Specific heat of blood is high ,which is useful in buffering the sudden changes in the body temperature .
  2. High heat conductivity of blood renders ,it possible for distributions of heat from deep organs to the skin and lungs for dissipation.
  3. Due to high latent heat of evaporation of blood ,a large amount of heat is lost from the body evaporation of water from the lungs and skin.
  • Storage Function : Blood Serves as ready made source of substances stored in it (such as glucose,water,proteins and electrolytes for use in emergency conditions like starvation ,fluid loss and electrolyte loss).

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